Banzon Family Child Care

8303 Brookvale Court Springfield VA 22153


Monday-Friday; 7:30am-6:30pm

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We provide  a safe and nurturing "home away from home" where your infant explore and make new discoveries.  Your infants grow and learn everyday.  We will try our best to help your child grow happy and healthy and will help your child to learn and discover new things everyday.

We help child to improve mobility and  coordination by supporting your baby as he or she rolls from side to side and learns to crawls, stand and walk and meet your child's individual needs for rest and nutrition.

We communicate with your child verbally and through non-verbal gesture. We tell stories and sing songs to model conversational skills and we use picture books to build association between sounds, objects and words. And also we provide crayons, home-made paint and other tools that promote artistic exploration and creativity.

We will prepare your child to think and reason by helping your child explore the concepts of cause-and-effect and trial-and-error; and we will encourage  your child to use all five senses to discover the world.

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Infant Development Program

(Child Care for 3mos. to 12mos. old)